In Thailand, there are numerous islands and Phuket is the largest of it all. Phuket is also the most beautiful island in Thailand and as such, has made a major tourist destination from the 80’s till date. The main attraction are the stunning beaches like Patong beach. People now crave to retire in Patong beach at all cost. Phuket has a world class resort because of the rise in interest in the sun and sand spurred tourism industry. Patong beach front, restaurants, cinema, nightlife cannot be found elsewhere around the world. Patong care for any tourist or retiree who care to stay in Patong.

Holidays are about spending quality time with loved ones in a serene environment like Patong. But if you choose to retire in Patong beach then you will enjoy the hospitality industry found in Patong beach. Numerous individuals in the world today are willing to spend some time in Patong beach and this is the reason you should think to retire in Patong beach. The facilities in the accommodation in Phuket is another reason travellers want to be in Phuket. When you retire in Patong beach, these are the kind of facilities that you can enjoy, like the services of a hotel combined with the privacy, space and informal environs that only a home can provide. These rentals are staffed with housekeepers and cook to take care of the daily chores while some even have concierge services to assist with all activities including booking tours and transfers.

If you choose to retire in Patong beach, beachfront Phuket villas can actually wake up
as you are disturbed by the sound of the waves washing ashore and then proceed to spend the day soaking up the sun at the beach, taking a dip in the water or even enjoy a fun-filled picnic, making sand castle with the kids. If you are the kind that look for something more passive, you can sleep off at the shores of Patong beach. Some retirees choose to read novels at the beach side always as they enjoy the sound of the waves and the brilliant views of the sea.

The social activities in Patong beach will make you look like someone who is still in the service and not a retiree. You have different places of excitement to visit in Patong beach. The live in Patong beach cannot be likened for any other places in the world. Those who retire in Patong beach have never found any reason to regret retiring in Patong beach. They believe there is nowhere else they would have retired if not to retire in Patong beach. Some have effectively utilized the transport system in Patong, the social amenities and the infrastructures that were built to captivate the mind of an individual who visits Patong for the first time and to keep customers coming to Patong always. This is what they have achieved. 

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