It is economical to retire in Chiang Mai, a geographical region in Northern Thailand. If you have been taking into consideration to retire in the Kingdom of Thailand, you can settle in Chiang Mai and safe a retirement visa to Thailand. The following factors entice foreigners to retire in chiang mai:

It would be very nice to resettle to a neighbourhood in which the individuals are friendly and cheerful. When you retire abroad, you are going to be away from your household, nation, your comfort zone, pals and neighbours. This would imply a lot of adjustments. Folks in chiang mai are warm and accommodating, you are just as comfy as you could ever be at home.

When you retire in chiang mai you’ll get to experience various festivals celebrated complete year-round. In January, there is the San Kamphaeng Handicraft Festival and the Bo Sang Umbrella Fair. These festivals showcase world well-known, fans, paper lamps, parasols and umbrellas. This fair is held yearly to share with the individuals a high-quality handicraft finished products produced and developed by the neighbourhood. There exist a contest basically on who can produce and design the finest products. The festival's activity also contains cultural performances. In the course of this annual festival, you can see stalls in the major street of Bo Sang promoting regular paper umbrellas and handicraft. In a different street known as San Kamphaeng Road, you will see stoneware, pottery, lacquerware, silverware, jewellery, paper ware, wood carvings, sculptures and silk products.

One more highly anticipated celebration, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival takes place in the month of February. This colourful festival draws a lot of foreigners to the Northern Thailand. You could witness a parade featuring wide variety of flower-decorated floats in various themes and styles. The major highlight of this festival is the Flower Queen Beauty Pageant that displays attractive ladies competing for the crown.

For those expats who want to retire in chiang Mai, all you need to do is apply for visa of retirement in Thailand. This gives you room to stay in Thailand for one year only.

Go ahead and obtain a 90-day Non-immigrant visa so that you will be allowed to come into Thailand. You definitely need a passport that is valid and you also need to be located in the country of your nationality physically just at that time the application was carried out. As soon you are in Thailand, your visa will be converted to a one Year Retirement Visa.

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