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Phuket Bargain 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Apartments For Retirement / Long Term Rental



Patong seaside apartment with two bedrooms and one bathroom

Our spacious two-bedroom Patong Beach apartment is perfect for any length of stay on the Island, whether long or short. It is well situated for anyone considering an extended stay in Phuket. It will be the perfect home-away-from-home for you with about 1070 ft2 of space and tastefully equipped furniture.

The property's main space has a spacious living room equipped with everything you need to relax after a long day. It has a cable flat-screen TV, a plush couch, and a business desk. The living room is connected immediately to a large fully equipped kitchen that has a stove, microwave, and electric Hobbs, enabling you to eat in if desired.

Additionally, you will have access to a three-person breakfast bar situated next to the kitchen. The inviting bedroom, complete with a king-sized bed for two, will provide a pleasant night's sleep.

The additional bedroom enables the apartment to house another person or two. We will be delighted to create a crib for your children. The bathroom is modern and pleasant, with a large shower.

This Patong two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is well situated in a peaceful neighborhood where you will never be bored. Sirirat Road is one of Patong's oldest thoroughfares, and it, along with its environs, is home to an abundance of excellent restaurants, bars, and cafés. A short drive south will bring you to the beaches of Karon and Kata, which are just around ten minutes away.

All major sights are within a few minutes ride on a motorbike. Our management staff is always on-site and available to assist you with any needs.


Maximum of four people (s)

98 m2 (1070 ft2)

View: Swimming pool

2nd floor

A203 Apartment

Contact us for rental information.


Each of our flats is completely furnished and equipped for long- or short-term stays.


Desk for work

Sofa that is very comfortable

LED TV with a Flat Screen


Double king-size beds

Linens de lit



Towels that are brand new

Machine à laver





Oven microwave





Hood, Exhaust




Box de sécurité

Additional beds are available.


- Free Weekly Maid Service

- Free Weekly Linen Change

- Room Hi-Speed Wifi

- Outdoor Pool

- Pool Table in Common area

- 2 Swimming Pools (Adult and Kids)

- Self Catering Pool Bar

- Onsite Rental office (service staff)

- CCTV all floors and common areas

- Gated community with key card access

- Gym use and parking

- Utilities: Water 200 THB a Month, Electric 5 THB a Kilowatt

 **SMS, Call Or WhatsApp - Patong 1 Bed Apartment Ref#A102

Telephone number: tel:+66800528082

Line: Sriefler

Our Location:

Patong Harbor View Phone +66800528082

Patong Harbor View Map

Contact us for more information

Patong Harbor View Co., LTD
42/1 Sirirat Road
T.Patong, A.Kathu
Phuket 83150 Thailand

Web: Patong Harbor View


Phone tel:+66800528082

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Should I Sell or Rent Out My Inherited Phuket Property?

 Phuket Villa For Rent or Sale

What Should I Do With My Inherited Phuket Property?
When it comes to the financial reasons to sell vs to rent an inherited Phuket property, there are several factors to consider. Knowing all the tasks involved in owning a rental property may help you decide if you should lease a recently acquired home.

The One Percent Rule
To determine if a property (whether inherited or not) is an investment property, start with the 1% rule. The 1% rule is when the property generates 1% of the home's purchase price in rental revenue each month. This regulation is more relevant for values above $500,000 USD.

To be considered a rental property, the property must provide real rental revenue each month, accounting for property management, all expenditures, repairs, and general upkeep. Because you shouldn't prepare on appreciation when doing the numbers on investment property, the 1% rule is essential.

Rental Income Calculations

Rental property needs property management and upkeep. These positions may be owned or controlled by the owner. A general rule of thumb is to include property management as 10% of the rent, and another 10% for upkeep. subtract the principal and interest of the mortgage, taxes, and insurance from the rent (s). Bear in mind any CAM costs, if relevant.
Does the remainder you're left with follow the one percent rule? If you accept the responsibilities, then renting an inherited home may be a good investment.

Additional considerations for Renter:
If you're an out-of-state inheritor, the property management and maintenance expenses are likely to rise since a property management business is required to run the numbers on the inherited property. Inherited properties will never be occupied until the repair bills are paid.
Is it a good idea to rent out my inherited Phuket property?

In contrast, if your inherited home is located in a popular vacation or tourist destination, you may anticipate reduced vacancy and greater rent (although you should still be conservative when doing initial calculations). Buying property in a high-demand area enables you to use vacation rental services such as Airbnb instead of simply having long-term renters in.
Also, be aware of any emotional connection you may have to the property. Renting allows you to care for the property while giving a cash advantage.

Is it advisable to sell a Phuket property inherited from my parents?
Also consider the expense of selling, as well as your circumstances and the amount of labor needed to maintain the property. It inherited property may possibly help lighten your load and provide you with money and time for other investments, but selling may also exclude future value.

Selling inherited home with a Phuket agent
Listing with a real estate agent will usually get you the maximum money. However, getting the house ready for sale may be challenging in certain situations (e.g. out-of-country inheritance).

Should I sell the Phuket property I inherited?
The property must be fixed up before approaching an agency. Consider getting quotations from several contractors to find out the cost of repairs. Factor in the time required to perform the repairs.
Agents usually get 3-5% commissions and they do not necessarily include the money required to stage and advertise the property, which you should inquire about before listing with an agent.

In a seller's market, the closing expenses may be negotiated to be paid by the buyer.
In the end, you save about 8% off the selling price, including the first contractor fees, to sell inherited property with an agency. If the home is in good to exceptional condition, dealing with an agency in Phuket will earn you the maximum money for the inherited property (even after all the fees).

For Sale by Owner
To sell your inherited house, you will have to put in the greatest amount of effort. However, you'll have complete control over the transaction and may decrease the 3-5% fee. If you don't live locally or you inherit a house with a mortgage, selling FSBO is an inconvenience.

You'll have to bear some of the expense if you want to obtain top cash on your Phuket home. Examples of these expenses include a fixed charge of $300/month, professional photographs, a lawyer for the sales contract, and staging if required. Closing fees will equal 1-2% of the home's value.

Investing in inherited Phuket property
Inherited property may be sold to a local real estate investor who will purchase for cash in "as-is" condition. Investing does not incur expenses, but if the house has been well-cared for, you will get the greatest offer on your home.
An investor can help you save time and money on commissions or agency fees as well as renovations to your inherited property.

Other points to consider when selling a Phuket property that you have inherited
It's important to sell your inherited home if you don't want renters. What if you inherit a home with costly repairs or numerous inheritors? More considerations and decisions are required when making the decision to sell an inherited property.

What if My Inherited Phuket Property Needs Repairs?

Calculate the cost of repairing the house you just acquired, which may include anything from a new roof and HVAC system to mold treatment. Typically, repair costs will not be included in the home's selling price when it comes to significant repairs. A local investor will buy houses with expensive repairs in as-is condition, which will allow you to save money.

Is It Allowed To Devalue Inherited Real Estate?
If the property is valued below what is owing, consider a short sale. The lender agrees to allow the property owner to sell the inherited house for less than what is due to avoid the inheritor from having to make up any shortfall. If you sell an asset at a loss, lenders must OK the transaction.

I recommend selling or rent an inherited Phuket house.
The best method to determine whether selling or renting is the best choice for you will depend on your particular circumstances, the property, and your objectives. Leaving a legacy may be upsetting, and it can also be stressful since you are now responsible for what happens to the property. Analyze your financial position and then evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of selling an inherited Phuket home vs renting.

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The most important rule in real estate is a place, location, location. Thailand is no different. Nonetheless, as opposed to other western nations, rent in Thailand is significantly smaller and even a bargain. The average rent for a one-bedroom city center apartment in Thailand is about 13 000 Baht (427 USD), with prices decreasing as you move farther out of the city center.

Before settling on a location to call home, there are a few things to consider. Do you want to live in the city or on the outskirts? What kind of room are you asking for? Do you depend on public transportation? What sort of amenities would you like to see included? Rent is normally more costly in larger and more popular cities, as it is in any other country; however, great rentals for a great price can be found in low-key but popular ex-pat cities in the north, such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. It seems that the more south you go, the more expensive rent becomes. By compared the overall cost of living in Chiang Mai to Bangkok (the capital city of Thailand), rent is almost a third lower (28.14 percent less).

Apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and detached houses are only some of the options for lodging. Condominiums are typically the most common among ex-pats because they are well-maintained and have excellent amenities such as pools, gyms, saunas, and other social or entertainment areas that give everyday life a hotel-like feel.

Many rental properties come completely furnished with all of the requisite household appliances. Utilities are normally not included in the contract, and renters should be aware that utilities can be very expensive depending on where they live.

The rental process is typically simple, and rental agreements between tenants and landlords can be stated ‘casually.' However, tenants can still ensure that they are protected, so it's a good idea to have a real estate agent read over or, if necessary, draft a lease agreement between tenants and the landlord to ensure each party's responsibilities and obligations, particularly if the landlord is a landlord.

It's difficult to get to know the landlord ahead of time, but learning whether or not they speak English fluently will help you in the long run. When it comes to property upkeep or any other responsibilities from either side, good contact between you and your landlord will reduce the frustrations of language gaps and miscommunication. Maintaining a positive relationship with the landlord will also help visa and other official procedures go more smoothly, as the landlord would be required to supply the tenant with supporting paperwork for visa approvals, work permits, tax certifications, and so on.


Non-Thai nationals are well aware that purchasing property is expensive, so the simple method of renting is almost always the preferable option. Foreigners are unable to own properties, but they will own interest on it by first securing a long-term lease on the land. This lease has a maximum term of 30 years and can be extended twice by 30 years each, for a total of 90 years.

Foreigners, on the other hand, may purchase condominium property under their own name. Foreigners are only allowed to own up to 49% of the condo's overall purchasable area. When you own a condo, you would pay a CAM bill, which is a property tax. This CAM charge (Common Area Maintenance fee) is a monthly fee that covers the condominium's management and general upkeep.

Before making any official decision on a long-term leasing deal or acquisition of any property in Thailand, it is highly recommended that legal advice be obtained right away.

See the full article here


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We have four deals right now on our blog that are undervalued properties and good for buyers in the current "buyer"s market.

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4. 104 sqm Condo in Patong Beach, Phuket

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Comments To Consider In Thailand When Buying A Condominium

Comments to consider in Thailand when buying a condominium

Phuket, a lovely beach island, is the perfect place for everyone coming on vacation to visit. This is why some of them spend some time in this luxury every year in this Paradise. And this is also the reason many in Phuket also buy those luxurious apartments, without wishing to find a place to stay, year after year.

Some Phuket luxury homes are best-selling and esthetically decorated to meet any vacationer's needs. These luxury homes are designed to provide the luxury you want in a vacation from beaches nearby to modern equipment and decks.

There are some variables that can help you fix the best deal if you are looking for luxurious apartments to purchase from Phuket.

• Equipment and building efficiency – this is called a luxury apartment or house, thanks to the amenities it offers. To make sure they live up to their names, check the build quality and facility within these homes.

• Investment return - If you purchase an investment luxury home, make sure it has everything a holidaymaker needs. Check out some of those issues, like – is it close to the beach? Does it give a holidaymaker's kind of facilities? Is it going to bring healthy profits annually?

• Check the price of a luxury apartment in Phoenix in order to check whether you are paying the correct amount, before talking to a Phuket realtor. You do not want to be fooled because you have not researched a little to ensure that the correct price is paid.

In Phuket, there are several luxury homes for rent, and one might be yours. You need a good property contractor to help you choose the best home to spend your vacation or make your investment a good return. Happy hunting! - Happy hunting!

I put together a free document for you to make an "offer" to an owner or a developer. 

You can download it here.  Give us a share or a like if you download it. It helps us out. Thanks!


We have four deals right now on our blog that are undervalued properties and good for buyers in the current "buyer"s market.

1. Land In Chiang Rai Click here

2. Land In Surin, Thailand Click Here

3. Land In Doi Lo Chiang Mai

4. Condo in Patong Beach, Phuket

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