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🆕Do I Need Visa To Travel To Thailand ▶ How To Get A Tourist Visa For Thailand Video

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Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Fun and Creative Things For Retired Couples To Do In Thailand

Long Tail Boat
Long Tail Boat

Retired couples can no longer be portrayed as two senior citizens rocking back and forth in a rocking chair on the front porch while the man naps and the woman knits. Retired couples are full of fun and zest for their newly acquired life as retired persons in Thailand.

There are too many fun things to see in the Kingdom and to go do as a retired couple, there should only be a very minimum of rocking out on the front porch if ever. I've met many retirees up in Chiang Mai and even more in the Hua Hin and retirees in Phuket. Thailand is a great place for retirees but no place is perfect and there are some things that can be improved on to make life easier on us retirees and make us feel welcomed.

Thailand Travel and Adventure

Hopefully, you have planned your finances successfully and have downsized to a smaller home, condo, or townhouse, so now have some flexibility financially as well as time-wise to travel and explore around the Kingdom.

There are several activities you can explore while traveling as well:

* Hiking – Hiking is a great way to keep physically fit, explore, go out on adventures, and meet new people with similar interests. There are many locations close to your home and it doesn't matter where u live.

* Boating – If you have always wanted to live the boating life, now is a great time to try it out. Explore options for taking classes before you head out on the water so that you are familiar with safety and emergency precautions. Grab a group of friends and set sail for the day. Make a boating friend if you don't want all the hassle of owning a boat and help out with gas money.

* Camping – If you felt that camping was too much work when raising your young family (too many things to pack along), now may be the perfect opportunity to investigate the great outdoors. Thailand offers many places to go camping. Here is a place I found in the mountains in Chiang Rai near the Lao border that remains cool almost all year round.

Chiang Rai

* Beaches – Becoming a beach bum as part of your retirement plan is a great way to just kick back and take in a much-deserved spell of rest and relaxation. There are wonderful beaches in Hua Hin, Pranburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, and Chumphon that remain largely overlooked.

*Historical Sites - There are many world heritage sites all over Thailand. In the Northeast, there are many Prasat (Hindu) temples and sites that can you visit. In northern Thailand, there are many historical sites in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.
Chiang Rai Ruin
Ruins In Chiang Rai

Helping Others by Giving Back

Perhaps you have always wanted to be a “power” couple by volunteering, but the time never seemed to present itself. Now that you are a retired couple, however, you have the opportunity to become involved with many different things to help others.

* Workshops – You and your spouse can offer workshops giving advice and tips on how to retire successfully. 

* Tutoring – Perhaps you and your spouse are able to offer tutoring in English or a foreign language to those struggling with the language.

* Join Groups – Spending time in conversation or simply doing some light reading in different settings would provide an outlet for your time and a sense of fulfillment for both of you.

* Creative endeavors – If you and your spouse have an artistic side, you can offer workshops for painting or creative writing.

* Working with animals – Working in an animal shelter will provide love and support for animals with no homes. This is much needed across the kingdom

Do Something You Always Wanted to Do

* Take dance lessons – learn how to swing dance or take Latin dance lessons.

* Learn how to draw – take art lessons together; learn how to paint.

* Write – create a blog together about how great retirement really is.

As a newly retired power couple, the possibilities are endless. When this coronavirus is all over, take the time to do some traveling around Thailand. There are so many things to do and discover here you will find you never have time to be bored. 


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Thailand One Of The Ten Top Nations To Retire

Thailand is one of the top-10 nations to retire abroad, according to International Living, which reviews in-depth locations on aspects such as climate, wellness treatment, benefits, as well as discount rates to seniors on a yearly basis. Thailand has received high scores over the past couple of years due to its "excellent healthcare, cost-effective housing, and pleasant locals. These all incorporate to make it a great option for retiring overseas.

To get a retirement visa in Thailand, you require either monthly earnings of a minimum of 65,000 baht (about $2,000 USD), a savings account equilibrium of at the very least 800,000 baht (about $25,000 USD), or some mix of earnings and deposit that amounts to 800,000 baht. This is to meet retirement visa requirements. Revenue of $2,000 a month suffices for a retired pair to live pleasantly in Thailand. I am often asked If "Can I live on $1000 a Month?"

How much do I need to live?

Freedom Beach, Phuket
While many ex-pats could do the same, the majority would not be comfortable with this budget given that it would certainly mean living in a tiny house or apartment, consuming just local food, and also foregoing medical insurance, traveling, and also home entertainment. Rather, most budget-conscious ex-pats need to intend on a bare minimum of $1500 a month, according to LePoidevin. I believe the budget should be $2000 USD.

Surviving is more reasonable on a $2,000-a-month spending plan, and also your financial savings would certainly last at least 8 years ($ 200,000 $2,000 = 100 months, or 8.33 years). This is, naturally, an excessively streamlined instance that assumes your month-to-month costs always remain the exact same for many years, which you have nothing else money can be found in or heading out.

patong beach apartments
Patong Beach Apartments


Can My Pension Cover it?

Nine out of 10 Americans 65, as well as older, obtain Social Security advantages, standing for regarding 38% of the revenue of the senior. The typical retired employee's Social Protection advantage was $1,461 each month for 2019, which would come close to covering a small $1,500-a-month retired life budget in Thailand, or a minimum of account for a huge piece of the much more comfy $2,000-a-month budget plan.

Certainly, you might have two benefit checks or other income if you are a couple. The amount you pay for lease in Thailand like anywhere else relies on the area, dimension, as well as condition of the place. According to the "city" publication and also nation data source Numbeo, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the town rounds up to $448; outside the city, the rent goes down to approximately $274 monthly. 

How to Prevent Overspending?

Expats are not permitted to own land in Thailand, however, they have the ability to purchase units in a home or condo as long as at the very least 51% of the building is had by Thai citizens. According to Numbeo, the typical cost per square foot to buy in the city center is $345; outside the city, you're checking out approximately $169 per square foot, or about $170,000 for a 1,000 square foot villa or high-end condo. (5 million baht)

One error many new ex-pats make no matter where they live abroad is performing (as well as costs) like they are on holiday. While spending lavishly while vacationing is relatively standard, spending that amount of cash during retired life can rapidly melt your entire retired life budget plan. To prevent overspending and maintain your budget plan in check, locate out where the residents purchase meals and groceries and where they go with nightlife, home entertainment, as well as tourist attractions.

Opportunities are, you currently do this in your home without assuming, shopping where you recognize you can discover the ideal offers and also avoiding the locations that are overpriced or valued for visitors. It is difficult to anticipate whether $200,000 would be sufficient to last your entire retirement even in a country like Thailand that has an affordable cost of living. My advice is to shop around for small and big purchases. Check two or three different places if you're buying anything more than 1000 THB.

In my last 17 years in Thailand, I have met many people who were just miserable while being retired in Thailand. I have also met several individuals and couples who actually were really thriving here too. Hanging out in the bars and enjoying the nightlife more than one or two days a month will lead to disaster in the long run. My advice to all is to continue to keep learning new skill sets while living here and having extra time on your hands. Pick a time each day and take some online classes. If anyone would like to learn more about keep reading. I'm going to share with you how you can do that for free.

Unknown Facts About US Government Help


For many individuals, however, retiring abroad implies the opportunity to delight in a far better lifestyle, new experiences, beautiful surroundings, and also the possibility to make their retirement dollars extend further. For even more details. For additional in-country help: "The American Citizen Services Device of the U.S. Consular office lies at 95 Wireless Roadway in Bangkok, and can be reached by calling +66 -2 -205 -4049, or by e-mailing You can likewise follow us on Twitter @acsbkk." Likewise understand the State Division's Worldwide Care, upgraded on March 3, 2016, concerning the proceeding threat of terrorist actions and also physical violence against U.S. citizens who travel or live abroad. The care which concerns travel in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Africa, South Asia, Central Asia, East Asia as well as the Pacific states "Recent terrorist assaults, whether by those affiliated with terrorist entities, copycats, or specific criminals, function as a tip that U.S. agency.

patong beach apartments
Patong Beach Apartments


What is the STEP program

While people traveling or residing abroad are urged to register in the Department of State's Smart Vacationer Registration Program (STEP), which offers protection updates as well as makes it less complicated for the nearest UNITED STATES embassy or consulate to call you and/or your family in instance of an emergency situation.


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Phuket: A Nice Place to Settle Down

When you are looking down the road at that new lifestyle of retirement, there is a whole new way of life to be anticipated.  And that is the fun of retirement planning because, as they say, anticipation is half of the fun.  And part of the preparation for retirement is looking at various retirement facilities and retirement communities that you might look to call home.

You may also choose to rent an apartment overseas and hang out there for several months of the year instead of picking a retirement community. Many are "retiree friendly" and you can live in the sunshine for less cost than in most countries retirement homes. 

patong beach apartments
Patong Beach Apartments

It’s appropriate to use the term “retirement community” because when you are considering selling your home and moving to an assisted care facility or a senior apartment, community is just as important to you as the food and the layout of your space.  So when you start that search process, it’s good to know what questions to ask and how to evaluate different retirement communities against each other.

The layout and how the residents are interacted with by staff make a big difference for how well people get out of their apartments and enjoy their living arrangements.  Take the tour of the place but don’t just look the carpet and the views out of the display apartment windows.  Look at how many people are out and about, how much informal communication is going on and if public spaces are available and in use on a daily basis.  That is something that cannot be “staged” and you will be able to tell if the people are having fun and enjoying each other at the retirement community. 

Make it a point to talk to various staff members during your stay.  If the person assigned to host you lets you talk to residents and staff but they must be present, that might indicate that they are putting on a show for you and not letting you know the real story of the facility.  Make arrangements to be “cut loose” to wander the halls, talk to residents and visit staff on a surprise basis. If the staff is irritated by your attempts to communicate, always busy or cold and hostile, that is a culture issue that you don’t want to be part of your new lifestyle.

A real test of a retirement community might come in giving them a test drive.  If the facility owners have a guest apartment and they offer to let you stay for a few days to just sample life in the community, that is a strong statement of faith that you will find everything to your liking.  By living amongst the people, you have lots of chances to eat with the residents, begin making friends and find out the real scoop on whether this is a good place to live or not.

patong beach apartments
Patong Beach Apartments

By coming up with a strategy for looking at different retirement centers to find out what they are really all about, you will do a much better job of evaluating retirement communities.  And it’s worth the effort to dig a bit beneath the surface because if this place wants to be your new home, they must be able to make you retirement life happy, social and fun.  Because that’s the way it should be.

You may want to choose to live abroad if you are in good health. If so, we recommend you look at Phuket Thailand as to making it a new home. It has international world class hospitals, lots of sunshine and many fun things to do. Cost of living much less than UK, America, Australia or another european country. 

If you separated, single or divorced, it is a great place to start over. Thais are forgiving of your past and ready to start a new life with you. If you have a budget of £ 2000, $3000 USD or $3500 Canadian or Australian, you should strongly consider Phuket for a retirement home instead of staying your home country.


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Don't Overpay While in Patong Beach

patong beach apartments
Patong Beach Apartments

Numerous remote sightseers tragically pay a lot for everything without exception when they go to Thailand. This particularly remains constant in Patong Beach. 

The fundamental issue is that they will in general look at the costs of inns, nourishment, drink and whatever else to what it costs back in their old home country. This can be expensive for you and for the remainder of the voyagers. Because you are on an excursion and are somewhat free with your cash, don't simply part with. 

Allow me to sound off 

Suppose you go out for a fish supper and the aggregate for supper and beverages is $20. You contemplate internally this would cost at any rate $50 back home. Along these lines, you attempt to repay by leaving a $5 or $10 tip. Serious mix-up.  Typical tip ought to be 20 - 30 Baht. 

The attendant conveys your packs to your room and discloses to you how to work everything in your room. You welcome this, and contrast it with inns you have been to on excursions for work, and tip the child $5. Another misstep. Typical tip ought to be 20 Baht. 

You meet a young lady at a bar and she consents to return home with you. You go through the night with her and when she prepares to go in the first part of the day, you tip her a similar value you do back home. This will be 3 or multiple times the going rate. 

What happens now is that every one of these individuals begin anticipating these sorts of tips. Costs begin to soar, and the city that used to be the best spot on the planet for an excursion, will before long be destroyed. 
You may ponder internally, serious deal. I am only one person on an extended get-away and I can spend anything I desire. It is my excursion. You will simply end up demolishing it for every other person. 

The keen activity is to hang out at a portion of the Phuket discussions a month or two preceding you proceed to discover what the going rates are. And afterward, don't overpay. Else, you will be, in the expressions of one gathering banner, a Lame Dupe Over Payer, or LDOP or OP for over payer. I have met many while being in the Land of Smiles.
Consider it. You wouldn't pay $50 for something you realize you can get for $20 back home, OK? Things being what they are, the reason do it in Patong Beach? I am not modest, yet I can't see paying more than I need to. 

On the off chance that you continue paying to an ever increasing extent, everybody will hope for something else and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The shoppers need to control the costs will not follow through on expanded costs. In the long run, they will make sense of it and lower their desires. 

Remember that Thailand's normal pay is about $10-15 USD every day. Giving somebody a tip equivalent to a day's compensation is strange. Check the costs before you go and don't contrast costs with back home. You are not back home. You are in Patong.

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