Monday, October 1, 2018


Retirement is described as a point where an employee terminates employment entirely. Some people may also semi-retire thereby keeping some retirement job, not because of necessity but out of choice.

To some, the road of heading off to work every day ends when they retire in exotic Thailand. To others, it looks like a fresh start in their life with the excitement of new things to come each day on their time and terms.

You Could Be Here Right Now
Most people make a meticulous financial plan for retirement. So many others find themselves with little or no plans at retirement age. To retire comfortably, experts suggests a ridiculous amount of money, and also, you should retire in exotic Thailand.
You should probably be saturated with retirement information if you are at retirement age. This information could be pension plans, financial planning, retirement communities, social security, insurance, medical expenses and others.

Tree in Koh Samui
As you read this article, you may be at the point of retirement. Be informed that it is no longer possible for anyone to retire in the UK, the US or any of the western countries due to the high cost of living. In the US, the cost of living goes higher every day making the list of bills like gasoline, medical bills, groceries, home repair bills, dental bills, etc. to always be on the high side. Those who have worked for a long time who retire in the US find it difficult to meet up with life challenges after retirement. The cost of living is the primary reason they are not enjoying their golden years.

There is a better place to retire and live a fulfilled life than retire in the US or the UK. When you retire in exotic Thailand, you will experience a quality standard of living. If you had done a good research, you know how and which part of Thailand you would like to stay during retirement.

One of the most exciting continent on earth is Asia, and Thailand is the best country of choice. You will get anything in Thailand according to your likes and requirements. There are large cities like Bangkok, beach resort areas, small rural villages, charming islands, cool mountains, lakes, great food, good weather, and above all, friendly people to chat with. Thailand has beautiful exotic locations where you can minimize your expenses and maximize your comfort.

Choose Thailand as your "retirement community". There are affordable housing, banking and ATM facilities, modern shopping centers, entertainment, fine restaurants, movie complexes, good public transportation, fitness centers, health spas, social clubs, an incredible amount of sporting activities and golf courses. Language should not be a problem because learning a little Thai is useful and fun when you choose to retire in exotic Thailand. 

In healthcare, Thailand is known for its leadership role in the ‘Medical Tourism’ industry. Most hospitals in Thailand are internationally accredited, and are reasonably priced! Because of those who want to semi-retire. With an internet business, you can earn an extra income working online doing businesses like affiliate marketing and stocks or forex trading. You may also choose to teach English as part time.

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